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THÖDOL is the central composition of the new eponymous album by the group EVOHE, reformed after decades of absence (Roger Lahana and Philippe Perrichon). It is an opus in three acts, based on a ritual practiced in Tibet for more than ten centuries, entitled “Bardo Thödol Chenmo”, consisting of guiding the deceased in the afterlife between their death and their rebirth.

The Bardo Thödol is called in the West the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Bardo means intermediate state (a term which designates waking, sleeping, unconsciousness, and, in the context of the Bardo Thödol Chenmo ritual, the intermediate state between death and rebirth).

The EVOHE team: top left and from left to right, Roger Lahana, Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche, Philippe Perrichon. Photo credits: Stéphanie Lahana and Roger Lahana.

Directory of the THÖDOL album:

Thödol part 1 – Chikhai (17’27)
Thödol part 2 – Chonyid (15’18)
Thödol part 3 – Sidpa (16’25)
Mahakala (7’06)
Rigpa (4’46)

The team:

Roger Lahana: Cubase Pro
Philippe Perrichon: Guitars
Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche (Thödol): Chants, mantras, damaru, conch, ritual cymbals, Gretsch drums
Thierry Moreau: graphics (
Photo credits: Stéphanie and Roger Lahana

Here are two extracts from the album Thödol :

1 – The six first minutes of the introduction

2- A large section of the 3rd part, evoking the mythical country of Zhang Zhung, the mantra Om Ah Hung and some other mantras

The album Thödol is available from most streaming platforms.

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